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A few months ago, my friend Rhonesha introduced me to a new iPhone app called Uber. The Uber app let’s you request a black, livery-style car from your phone and automatically charged to your credit card on file, tip included. As much as I wanted to think it would be a good app, I was skeptical. Anything this… fancy (why use an app when I can just call my normal cab company) would cost more than I’m used to spending. The $10 joining credit was enough incentive for me to try it anyway.

The first time I used it, a very nice, super clean, and super huge SUV came to pick me up at home (STAR STATUS!!) and dropped me off in the city. That initial ride was about $10 more than I would have paid with my normal company and about $15 more than I would have paid if I’d caught a yellow cab behind my building. But with the $10 credit, the ride was well worth it. The car was comfortable, clean, and smelled nice. The driver was well mannered, picked me up at my door (it’s sometimes a hassle to get the drivers to pull into my driveway), dropped me off at the front door of my destination, and the tip was included so there was no fumbling for cash or cards. Just hop in and hop out!

Want to join Uber and recieve a $10 credit when you join? Look below…

Here are a few more things to know about Uber:

1. When you open the app, (as long as your location services are turned on) your location is set and you can request a pick up wherever you are.

2. Before you request the cab, you can see how many minutes the closest driver is from you. You can also add any promotion code you have in before requesting your car.

3. You get a text message notification when your request is sent and when the driver is outside your door.

4. Whichever credit or debit card you have stored in your Uber account is automatically charged at the conclusion of your trip (tip included) and a receipt is e-mailed to you.

Below is a copy of the e-mail they sent to me after my last ride.

Click here to join Uber and receive your $10 credit.

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