{UPDATED} The Nate Berkus Show

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know that I did something special yesterday. I was on The Nate Berkus Show! I’m going to be on a segment talking about the most financially sound way to re-do my kitchen.


I always doubted what goes on behind the scenes of these shows but it seems as though Nate actually took a look at the photos from my apartment because his answer was spot on. What was his answer?

Hmmm…. I’m not telling you! You’ll have to wait until the show airs to see.


The shows’ production assistants e-mailed me earlier to say that the show will air next week Thursday, September 15, 2011.  For my readers here in the tri-state area, the show airs on NBC 4 at 3pm.  For anyone reading this outside of the tri-state area, please check your local listings and set your DVR’s!

For more pics and to see what I tweeted throughout my time at the studio (all of my tweets pretty much tell the story of my day), look below…

I’m TOTALLY about to be the girl who “aint never been no where.” I have my own green room!! [01:52pm]



Those were a few of the best little chicken sandwiches I’ve had in a while. (Pies ‘n’ Thighs excluded since those aren’t meant to be mini-chicken sandwiches)

And, OF COURSE, I pinned my @NakedHearts pin to my silk shirt for the show. Yeaaaaaaaa!! Owwww!! [01:58pm]

If you like my pin (see photos above and below), check out the Naked Hearts online shop right here.

Just left hair & makeup. TOO pleased that I chopped my hair! I forgot what its lk tryna have H&M “do” my hair [02:48pm]


I remember doing a video for Teen Vogue & Diesel a few yrs ago & being SO frustrated because I had already done my hair and their stylist… [02:49pm]

… just didn’t know what to do w/my kind of hair. Well, I def don’t have that problem now! :) [02:50pm]

How nice, they’re actually playing Aaliyah (Are You That Somebody) to pump up the crowd. [03:52pm]

After leaving the show, I visited BET’s 106 & Park stylist, Kwasi Kessie. The show, which was live yesterday, was filming on the same floor that my green room was on. Only after I got to his office did I realize that when I was sitting in my green room hearing Aaliyah, it was probably coming from the 106 & Park studio.

What a wonderful day I had. As much as I tweeted earlier, I didn’t even get to tell you guys everything. I wish I could have. I feel great. [10:16pm]


Thank you soooooo much Cara W. and the rest of the team from Nate Berkus for making this happen! I had a great time!

To everyone else, I don’t know the exact date that the show is going to air but as soon as I find out, I’ll let you guys know.

The Nate Berkus Show comes on NBC (4 here in NY) at 2pm.

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