SwitchEasy for iPhone

Everytime I see someone out with an iPhone 4 or later without a case, I just assume they have loads of money. How could you pull it from your pocket unprotected? How dare you? Then I stalk them for as long as they’re within eye sight to see if they’ll drop it. That’s what you get! Hmph!

Anywho, the case I purchased with my iPhone cracked up terribly so I went on the hunt for the most protective case possible that would still fit into my smallest clutch. I found this…

But it wasn’t as pretty as this one.

I’m sure you all know which one I went with. I get asked about it often… “Is that a Nickelodeon case?” “Where’d you get that?” “It’s so cool!” Yes, yes, I know. Thank you.

Wanna know where I got it and where you can get one like it? Look below…

You can find more from SwitchEasy here on Amazon.

For more from SwitchEasy, click here.

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