Street Lyrics, Literally

I came across this image along with a few others late last night of New York rap lyrics posted on street signs around Brooklyn.

lewis and halsey
“You Wouldn’t Understand” – Nas, via @JayShells

I did some digging and found this video:

What a cool idea!

“Illegal Life” – Capone N Noreaga

When I checked for the “Illegal Life” lyric around the corner from my job about 3 hours after I found the original article, it was already taken down. Whether it was taken down by a rap enthusiast or the city, I have no idea.

Check out more of my favorite lyrics/placements below…

myrtle and broadway
“Mathematics” – Mos Def, via JayShells

“Where I’m From” – Jay-Z, via JayShells

I was talking about the following lyric from “Where I’m From” the other day and wondered if anyone outside of New York (or Brooklyn, even) understood this:

“And girls from the projects wouldn’t fuck us, said we talked too much/So they ran up to Tompkins and sought them dudes to trust/I don’t know what the fuck they thought, those niggas was foul just like us”


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