**UPDATE** Stickygram Deal

This deal came just in time! I discovered Stickygram not long after I discovered Instagram. Stickygram is a London based company that prints your Instagram photos and turns them into magnets. If you have an iPhone, then the magnets are almost exactly the same size as the pictures on your phone.

I finally ordered a set after Fab.com had a Stickygram sale about 2 weeks ago.

They came 7 days later. My friends loved them (I’ve never had a thread of comments on any of my Instagram pics that long before) so I was happy to see that today is Stickygram’s birthday!! To find out what gift they’re giving to everyone else, look below…

With code BIRTHDAYTREAT, your third set of Stickygram’s are free! The sale will only last a week so if you want to buy a few sets, start picking your photos now.

**UPDATE**: If you don’t want to buy 2 sets, use code FRIEND0J1T and receive $2 off of your order. And shipping is always FREE!

Also, Stickygram is only allowed to print pictures that you have uploaded yourself (to your own Instagram account), so if there are pics you want that others have posted, the only way to do it is create a trash Instagram account, copy the pictures, and reupload them to the trash account.

For more info, visit Stickygram.com.

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