Spring Cleaning at Fine Living Ayurveda

Well, it’s not so much cleaning as it is… I guess… maybe… straigtening up? Whatever. Clever word play aside, it’s time to get waxed. It’s nearly bikini season and although that may not matter for anyone who keeps their… nether regions bare all year long, it’s about that time for the rest of you.

I’ve been going to Fine Living Ayurveda for the last 3 months for brazilian waxing. There’s only one woman there who does waxing and she is AMAZING! And by amazing I mean quick! I’m not sure there’s anything that can lessen the pain of having hundreds of teensy-weensy little hairs RIPPED out of the one area of your body with the densest concentration of nerve endings of any part of the skin. But, she moves fast; my quickest experience with her (or anyone else) was 7 minutes.

Convinced? To book your appoinment through Lifebooker (where you’ll get a 40% discount off the $60 price tag) or find out more about Fine Living Ayurveda, click here.

Not convinved? For Tia Williams’ of Shake Your Beauty instructional on how to shave as well as the strippers (think: when have you ever seen a hairy stripper?), click here.

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