Rent the Runway Does it Again

I was too excited when Rent the Runway e-mailed me last summer saying they would be sending me a free dress rental. I’d used the service a few times before, so I was happy to see that they rewarded their customers and even happier to know I would get a chance to dress up again without having to pay for it.

Well, Rent the Runway surprised me again and picked another beautiful dress for me to spend a day in… for freeeeeee!! :)

For more on my day, info on my free dress rental, and how you can get hooked up by Rent the Runway, look below…

I got an e-mail about 5 weeks ago saying I would be getting another dress rental. I picked two weekends that I would like to have the dress for and ten different dresses that I liked. the stylists over at RTR picked which weekend and which dress I’d get based on my selection.

They sent me the Milly “Spin the Wheel Maxi” which wasn’t one of my selections but was gorgeous! The RTR stylists know their stuff and it worked wonderfully.

I had plans to go to a beach party on Saturday and to see a play and go to dinner with my mom on Sunday. I wasn’t sure what type of dress I’d get so I didn’t know which day I’d be wearing it. Once I saw the detailing on the top of the dress I decided to wear it out with my mom yesterday.

I took my mom to see ‘A Streetcar Named Desire‘ on Broadway and to dinner at Little Basil for her birthday (but there’ll be more on that in a later post).

The Sam Edelman shoes above are probably my favorite ones right not but I barely get to wear them. They’re so tall for the amount of walking I normally do, but I managed the entire day in them yesterday. Thank. You. Lord. I also used my ASOS laser cut purse (that I got from the IFB Conference earlier this year), silver hoop earrings, and silver bracelets.

To the wonderful folks at Rent the Runway, THANKS A MILLION!!

To all of my readers, have you joined Rent the Runway yet? If not, click here to join today!

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