Real Brown Girls Interview

A few weeks ago I was contacted by, a new blog which will feature and support brown, female entrepreneurs. Turns out, I’m all three of those things! I want to thank the ladies of Real Brown Girls for taking the time to find me and learn a little more about me and what it is that I’m trying to do with AssataBAKES.


Here’s a snippet from my interview:

How did you come to be an entrepreneur? What has the process been like for you?
I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I sold trinkets, cookies, and homemade candy to my classmates in junior high school. I began working for two large corporations when I was 15 and I’ve continued working ever since. Starting my baking business was just next on the list of goals to accomplish. The process has been more than I expected but I’ve appreciated every second of it. I expect that this will be one of many businesses that I’m involved in within the next 20 years. — via

For the full interview, click here.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me and to all of my new supporters. I’m so appreciative to you all and I thank you for hanging with me through this journey :)

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