My Weekend in Cali

Just like when I went to Houston, if you follow me on Twitter, then you’ve probably already seen all of these pictures. I went to California this weekend to hang out with Phalary, EAT (!!!), and see my latest hip-hop hero Fashawn perform in Sacramento.
Phalary and I at My BBQ Spot in Sac.

The first place we hit was In-N-Out, of course. Anyone who’s ever visited or knows anyone from Cali knows In-N-Out is like church for them.
I have to admit, my In-N-Out burger was better than the Sonic burger (below). Even though it had sauce on it (I hate sauce), I tore it UP! Still, I couldn’t leave without Sonic.

Chicken Club Toaster again!

It rained on and off the whole time I was on the west coast. It didn’t bother me much since I was in the car the whole time. When we pulled into the center where Sonic was, I saw this BEAUTIFUL rainbow.
I’ve never seen one so pretty and clear before because of all the buildings blocking the view of any in NY.

I also got to go to the mall and pick up some See’s candy. Those lollipops are BAD! I brought back a box for my co-workers and they’re all mad at me because I didn’t bring back two.

Below are two vids from the show of Fashawn and Exile performing.

This is “Stars” from Boy Meets World.

This was Exile doing an MJ tribute.

To see more, visit my YouTube page. Make sure to check for the interview Phalary did with Fashawn and Exile.

Lumberjack Slam at Denny’s on Sunday morning!

:( Buh-bye Cali! It was nice knowing you.

Thanks to Phalary for helping to make last weekend one of the best this year. Thanks Rich W. from Def Jam for even introducing me to this dude (my fingers are crossed!). And to Mike (aka Johnny) and Rose… YO! OPEN THE DOOR! lol

2 Responses to “My Weekend in Cali”

  1. JC Says:

    Mike my ass. HAHA great post! I like yo blog. It’s hella, I mean MAD fly.

  2. assataSAYS Says:

    Thank you!!! JC! lol

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