My Nate Berkus Segment

I was excited and anxious all day long waiting for my segment on The Nate Berkus Show to air and when it did, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. In case you missed it, I recorded the segment with my camera and uploaded it to YouTube. Check me out at the 4:50 mark. Sorry for the sucky sound quality. I tried.

Thanks again to Cara for making this possible! Fellow blogger and “thrift shopping guru” Patrice Williams was on the show talking about how to snatch great fashion pieces at remarkebly low prices. She did so great and got so many hits to her site following the shows airing that her site crashed! That is one happy problem for any blogger. Check her out at

I was talking about my prior TV experiences earlier on Twitter and Dwight dug up this old clip of he, Raeana, and I at the TRL Awards 6 years ago. Check it out below…

We were TRL vets! Because of Rhonesha, we were up there at least 2 times a school year, every school year since my sophomore year of high school. I recently found another clip of me with an actual speaking part, talking about the beginnings of my blog! Unfortunately, I couldn’t upload it to YouTube. I’m still not sure why. Maybe that’s the universes way of letting me know that’s something better saved for another anniversary.

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