My First Scavenger Hunt

…as an adult. I can’t remember doing a scavenger hunt since elementary school, so this is a first in my adult years. I wrote about NY based artist Jay Shells’ “Rap Quotes” installation last week. Well, in case you missed it, check here.

Shells said that he expected people to take the signs so…


I didn’t get to keep the sign above featuring lyrics from Pharoahe Monch’s “Queens” but I managed to find another. For more on that and Jay Shells’ future plans for the project, look below…


In case you were wondering, here’s the song the lyric posted above comes from:

Speak Ya Clout – Gang Starr feat. Jeru the Damaja and Lil Dap

Shells did an interview with Bogar Alonso of and had this to say about the future of the Rap Quotes project:

…it’s laying a foundation for a bigger project where I want to do something legitimate and actually make brass plaques that get bolted to the sidewalk. They’d be permanent and be something that people can’t steal. But I can’t pay for that myself, that would cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Hopefully some cool but very successful company would be interested in supporting that effort, and actually get permission from the city, and do it that way. — via TheShadowLeague

I doubt our jackass of a mayor Mayor Bloomberg would be down to have this bolted to the street:

li fame

And if Jay Shells can’t do culturally relevant signs like the Lil Fame one above as well as “safe” quotes like this “All Falls Down” quote…

kanye quote

…the project loses it’s integrity. Hip-hop is the good and the bad of the artists’ environment.

On whether or not he’s heard from the City of New York about the signs, Jay says:

No. I don’t expect to because people are stealing the signs. There’s no remnants of them except for online. I’d be shocked. They came at me last time, but it was the same thing: people stole them [the Metropolitan Etiquette signs] and there was nothing to really fine me for. –via TheShadowLeague

So far, I’ve vistied 15 locations and have been notified of the status of 5 others, all in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, all of which are gone. I’m not too sure about taking a trip to Mt. Vernon or Staten Island for this (aside from the distance, those signs wouldn’t mean as much to me). According to a Mashable article from March 28, 2013, Shells had “about 30 signs [that] have been planted, with another 16 awaiting printing and installation.” source

I can’t help but hear the theme song from Pokemon as I finish this post…

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