Mastering the Creative Career You Want

Next month marks two special events, both involving the brains behind Rhonesha’s birthday is the 17th (go Aries!!) and on the 16th she will be hosting and moderating a panel discussion titled Mastering the Creative Career You Want.


The panel will include designer and illustrator Sophia Chang, Leah McSweeney, CEO of Married to the MOB, and interior designer Danielle Arps. I will be providing the food and sweet treats for the event. Yup, sweets and food! This will be the first HerAgenda event where I’ll be creating for more than just your sweet tooth. I’ll also be selling some special treats for those who want to take a bit of sweetness home!

For more details (including ticket information), look below…

The Art of Mastering the Creative Career You Want
Thursday, April 16, 2015, 6:30pm
440 Lafayette Street
near Astor Place
Soho, New York
Click here to purchase your ticket

Building a career isn’t easy no matter what industry you’re breaking into but making a living within creative industries is often a feat many dream as a fairytale.
In a world where ideas matter more than your degree it’s hard to where to start, or how to effectively monetize (or fund) your creative dreams. Everyone has a different path, but it can’t hurt to learn from the journeys of others and use their lessons to inspire your own path.

For more info on the panelists, click here.

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