Make it Earth Day 365

Today is Earth Day. How wonderful that we’ve found ONE day to celebrate our earth! Perfect sense! Well, as I was reading tweets from all of my environmentally conscious “friends” (if only for the day), I thought about that documentary “No Impact Man.” I was finally able to see it after I moved (shout out to Netflix). Around the time I moved, I began to think of ways to… save our poor little planet. Not because I care that much about our earth but simply because being wasteful costs money, especially when I am the sole being footing all of the bills for my new place.


The guy in the documentary managed to downsize on his carbon footprint in more ways than his wife was comfortable with, but as I watched, I couldn’t help but think how environmentally conscious and earth friendly anyone who was concerned with their finances has always been. My family and I have always been helping to save our planet as long as we’ve been here. Want to know how we did it and how you can be just as earth conscious AND frugal not just on Earth Day but everyday of your life?

Look below…

FYI: This post is absolutely biased to New Yorkers.


Recycling: If you live/have lived in a private home, you recycle. Maybe not because it’s the right thing to do but according to, “Non-compliance with recycling regulations is punishable by fines starting at $25 and increasing to $500 for repeat violations.”


No Food Containers: There’s nothing like a home cooked meal. There’s also no way to eat cheaper. You’ll find yourself with less styrofoam, paper, and plastic food containers when you cook your food at home instead of ordering and/or eating out.

Saving Energy: …sigh… I can still hear my mother now. “Turn off the lights!! I don’t live for Con Edison!” Enough said.

Saving Water:

(Watch to 3:33 mark)

Clair Huxtable knew what was up back in 1986. Water rates went up 12.9% last year alone. And I hear they’re going up again. I bet you’ll be more concerned with saving water now.

Traveling on Public Transportation: (BTW, it’s such a long process to get a quote for car insurance, so in this case, I took the easy way out and just asked someone what they’re paying.) A monthly MetroCard for all the MTA riders amounts to $1,068 for one year. Car insurance for one person is about $2,160 a year. Then of course you would have to factor in the car note, gas, maintenance, tolls, parking fees… If you’re living in New York City ESPECIALLY, it’s cheaper to take mass transit.

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  1. Brendon Says:

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