Lia Schorr for Spring 2012 Spa Week

My earliest memories of acne breakouts seem most prevalant around 5th grade. I still remember the first school picture I took with a pimple. There were surely more to follow. I tried Proactive, went to a dermatologist and had medication prescribed, drank copious amounts of water, cut out soda and chocolate, and even tried birth control to try and calm the breakouts. Nothing worked.

It now seems that the breakouts are finally subsiding. It could be because I’m getting older and my lifestyle is changing orrrrr it could be because I’ve been consistent with facials at the Lia Schorr Day Spa. I’ve written about this place before. The service kind of sucks (Lia, the owner, doesn’t have the sweetest disposition) but the technicians have been in the biz for a long time and know their stuff. Since keeping up with my appointments once every month/every other month, I haven’t had any major breakouts and the dark spots I had are finally lightening up.

For more info on the best technicians and how to get your spa treatment at Lia Schorr and other spas around the city for $50 this month, look below…

Next week Monday, April 16, 2012 marks the beginning of Spa Week here in New York. With sites like Groupon, Lifebooker, and Living Social, I didn’t think I would still have much use for but I was wrong.

I can normally book a facial and/or massage at Lia Schorr for anywhere from $36 to $45. The only thing is, I get glycolic treatments every time I get a facial which is an extra $42. I normally just pay the extra money whenever I go in for my appointment. Well, through, I was able to book an appointment for a facial with glycolic treatment for $50 flat.

Ohhhhh…. happy, happy, joy, joy! To book an appointment with Eugenia or Ala (the BEST Lia has to offer) at Lia Schorr for the upcoming Spa Week, click here. To browse other participating spas, click here.

Spa Week starts Monday, April 16, 2012 and ends on Sunday, April 22, 2012 so move quickly!

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