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Sometime in December, Raeana told me about this new workout app she’d discovered for her iPhone and insisted that I get it. I wasn’t too open to the idea although I had been complaining for more than 6 months about how difficult it was to find a good exercise program.


One month later, and at least twice a week I’m posting images like the one above to my instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. They’re all from the Nike Training Club app.


Just as the homepage describes, it’s the closest thing to having a personal trainer right at home. There are a series of workouts ranging from 15 to 45 minutes targeting whichever body part(s) you wish to concentrate on. Plus, the more time you clock on the app, the more workouts that are opened up to you including yoga and workouts created by celebrity trainers like Jeanetter Jenkins and Ary Nunez.

Oh yea… did I mention the app is FREE?

For more info, look below…

“Nike Training Club is a mobile app that gives you your very own personal trainer anytime, anywhere. Developed by Nike professional trainers, it puts decads of training expertise at your fingertips.” — via Nike


“Select your goal and fitness level, then choose from over 85 workouts that will help get you lean, toned or strong. With more drills than ever before, NTC is designed to keep you motivated and focused to maximize your results.”






It’s hard for me to get to the gym during the week (read: I hate going any other day but Saturday) so I’m hoping I can stick with this app to help keep me motivated throughout the week. Tip-top shape is my goal not just for the year or the summer but, for life!

To learn more about the Nike Training Club, check out

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