I Spy DIY X Coach

I got this invite in my inbox earlier. I haven’t done any Coach events in years and had no intentions on posting about this one. I don’t know what it was but I decided to check out ISpyDIY.com and I think I’ve found another obsession to distract me while at work.

Before I was even one page deep into this woman’s (ahem… Jenni’s) blog, I found this project…

I heart hearts!… and things I can do on my own.

For more on next weeks event and more from iSpy, look below…

I Spy DIY Style Event
Thursday, April, 19, 2012
143 Prince Street @ West Broadway

I also heart memes and couldn’t help but think of this as soon as I saw the image above…

HA!! And while searching for that meme, I came across the one below which was just really funny to me.

For more from I Spy DIY, click here.

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