Free Pizza for V-Day

I’ve been trying to find an excuse to post this video for a few weeks now and I’ve finally found it.

“My momma’s nickname is Coupon Queen!!!”

On Valentine’s night, I put this picture on Instagram with the following comment: “Who else you know gets a large Papa Johns pizza and a Pepsi for $1.63?! Yeaaaaaa!! Valentines Day dinner with my Momma.”


I didn’t expect the reaction I received (a bunch of comments and even phone calls from a few close friends) but I decided to answer everyones question here.

I joined the Papa John’s Rewards Program about a year ago. It’s a free program that converts every $5 you spend into 1 point. When you reach 25 points, you get a free pizza. I don’t order from Papa John’s enough to have ever gotten close to 25 points, but for some reason, they keep e-mailing me codes for free pizza (this is the third one within a year). The $1.63 I had to spend was for taxes and the delivery fee.

To join the Papa Rewards Program, click here. Either you’ll get free pizza codes too, or if you’re a repeat customer, you’ll actually earn the points to get the free goods.

Happy Eating!! And for more of Alana, look below…

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