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In case you didn’t know – although I’m not sure how you couldn’t – I’m on Twitter!! Care who I’m following? It’s okay, I’ll tell you anyway.

For all (or most) of my gourmet cooking needs, I look to @bonappetitmag . I began following them after I started my free Bon Appétit Magazine subscription. Want to know what to expect from them?


Latest business sensations, NYC apartment hunting, play-by-plays of the best designer sales… I use twitter to get to all of that. Check out exactly where below…

I’m also a subscriber to Fast Company, a business magazine which reports on innovation, digital media, design, and social responsibility. It’s the first mag of it’s kind that I’ve been able to read without feeling like I was studying a textbook. Well, when there was a break in my subscription, I began following them on twitter @FastCompany to keep up with the latest.


Bet you didn’t know The Gap was next up to make it’s way to Fulton Mall. Or maybe you did. I found out via @RackedNY.


Lastly, there’s @curbedNY which is under the same umbrella as @rackedNY so you can expect the same voice on the tweets except everything is on NY real estate.


If you want to see all the regular folk, designer folk, musicians, photographers, and other bloggers I’m following, check here.

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