Follow Up, 3

And now, the third installment of who I’m stalking “following.”

(FYI: You can catch me on Twitter @AssataSAYS)

For the latest on what’s… “Fab” like new designer Brittany DeShields


you should be keeping up with @TheFabChick, Misha.

For more on celebrities and how to discover the ‘hood in you, look below…

Care what your favorite movie and TV stars are doing when they’re actually working? Want to stalk them out, shower them with kisses, and reasons to file protective orders against you?


Follow @OLV. They’re tracking where what is shooting and bring you up-to-date tweets on all things being filmed… “On Location.”

To keep up with all of the slang that I never wanted to know, but seems I need to, I follow @UrbanDaily


the Word-a-Day Twitter profile for the popular, online, slang center,

If you want to see all the regular folk, designer folk, musicians, photographers, and other bloggers I’m following, check here.

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