Follow Up, 2

Ready for the second installment of who I’m stalking “following?”

(FYI: You can catch me on Twitter @AssataSAYS)

For any of my co-workers who happen to be reading this post…


^THIS^ is why I can’t talk to any of you before I have my breakfast. For anyone who is a Libra or who is dating a Libra and just doesn’t get us, follow @TheLibraDaily. There’s none of that… love/sex stuff there, just pure Libradom.

For more on fashion and beauty, look below…

Naked Hearts is on Twitter!!! But I’m sure you all knew that already.


Follow @NakedHearts and e-mail if you’re interested in being in one of those street photos.

I finally found some beauty products I like and they’re all from Clinique. I started following them once I realized doing so would make it easier for me to chase their gift with purchase deals when it was time to re-stock.

Follow @Clinique_US so you can keep up, too!

If you want to see all the regular folk, designer folk, musicians, photographers, and other bloggers I’m following, check here.

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