A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by about my holiday baking. is a site that “helps you plan your event by taking the hassle out of finding, booking, and managing multiple vendors.” I’m one of the catering vendors, so, like DJ’s and photographers on the site, I’m able to submit bids to work with event planners.

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Here’s a snippet from the interview:

Using baking as a form of self-expression, Assata tells us her ability to bake well comes from her love and passion for cooking. “There is a love there because people that love me were the ones who taught me about baking. I only bake what I like, and I share that with the people I love,” she says.

Thanks to Sarah from Fiestah for featuring me!! To read the entire article, click here.

If you would like to find out about placing a holiday order for Christmas, shoot an e-mail over to

Have a great Thanksgiving.

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