Embody the Motto

Have you checked out HerAgenda.com lately? If you haven’t, you should. Rhonesha of HerAgenda.com created the “Embody the Motto” campaign based around her own motto of “No one Ever Slows Her Agenda.” I, along with 5 other young ladies, am featured in that campaign.
Check out my interview…

To learn more about the campaign and how you can support, look below…

HerAgenda.com collaborated with Triple L Society to develop the new “No one Ever Slows Her Agenda” tee shirts. The goal with selling the shirts are to raise money for the relaunch of HerAgenda.com. To allow the vision of a new site come to life, I made the motto come to life in the form of tee shirts and a campaign featuring young up and coming power women. The goal of HerAgenda.com is to universalize the No one Ever Slows Her Agenda mentality. — via Her Agenda

To purchase a Her Agenda tee and support the campaign, click here.

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