E-Bates Cash for Savvy Shoppers

Black Friday is just two weeks away and my inbox (both electronic and snail) have been filling up with coupons and discounts for all of the stores I normally shop in. As I start putting together my Christmas gift bags (I’ve already gotten a head start), I thought I might share with my fellow shopaholics a pretty simple way to make money while spending money. I introduce to you all: E-bates!


Please note that I am not being paid by E-bates to write this post. I’ve gotten so much money back in referrals from friends and family alone that I’m convinced this is an exceptional shopping tool. If you’re savvy enough to use Groupon, Gilt, or Hautelook, you should be using E-bates. For the break down on how E-bates works and how I earned over $100 so far, look below…

So E-bates works kind of how old-school rebates work. You know the ones, you buy a radio in a store, fill out a little info card, attach it to the receipt, send it to the company, and wait 5 years for your check to come in the mail. Well, E-bates is a super, new-school, more efficient way of doing that. Here are the 2-steps to earn while spending:

(1) After creating your account (which requires the basics like name, e-mail and address for sending your initial gift card for signing up and making a purchase), simply search for the store you’ll be shopping at.

(Click on the images to enlarge)

Piperlime is one of my favorite online sites for shopping, especially because now, E-bates offers 7% cash back on Piperlime orders. That means if I spend $100, I get $7 back. That’s no rent payment but it’s more than what I would’ve had without E-bates.

(2) After searching for your store, the store’s E-bates page shows up. This is where you’ll find any additional coupons that E-bates may offer exclusively. Click on the orange “Shop Now” button…


…which will open up this new tab (or window):


This screen is how E-bates is able to track your purchase. That number in the center of the screen is my designated shopping trip number. That second tab (or window), within seconds, will redirect directly to Piperlime. That’s when you can begin shopping. Just be sure to check out in this tab so that you receive your E-bates reward.

With my special invite code, you will receive a gift card of up to $10 when you sign up and make your first purchase through E-bates.


With each purchase, you’ll see your shopping trip along with the date and time you shopped, the amount you spent, and the amount you’ll get back in cash.

I want to thank my friend Judy for forcing me to join E-bates. When she finally told me her invite e-mails weren’t spam, she still had to convince me to join because, well, if something is too good to be true, it usually is. This time, it actually is true!

Happy shopping, folks! :)

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