Doc Martens’ First and Forever

I spent my Friday morning at the Dr. Martens “First and Forever” Bloggers Breakfast. “First and Forever” is the title of Dr. Martens Fall campaign which is all about first experiences. Bloggers in New York and London shared their first experiences on love, heartbreak, and Doc Marten shoes while viewing the upcoming collection.


Here in New York, I shared my first experience on my mom’s first foster child and got to hear about Scott Schuman’s start on The Sartorialist and French photographer Garance DorĂ©’s first, real photoshoot.

“Few brand experiences stay with you as long as your first pair of Dr. Martens and that moment is often an important first expression of personal style and identity.” This may very well be true as I hadn’t had very much knowledge of the brand until Friday. I had no idea that Dr. Martens had such a variety of styles (like the ones below).


To see more from the collection and the breakfast, look below…

One of the women from Dr. Martens (or Exposure, the PR company who hosted the event) had on the lace-up booties in black. I tweeted about that because I couldn’t believe they were Doc Martens.


I was also surprised to see that the little boot that I thought was just a key chain is actually a flash drive.


Breakfast was provided by Xoom NYC’s Jennifer. She served up the “Velvet Amazon” which was guava juice, acai, bananas, mango, and hemp granola. Was it good? I had 7.




More from the collection…






After being introduced to Garance and hearing about how she got her start at being a professional photographer (a very inspiring and funny story), I am happy to say that she photographed Dr. Martens CEO David Suddens and I at the end of the breakfast.


Ever had a pair of Doc’s? Want to join the ranks of your favorite, fashion bloggers and fashion model, Agness Deyn by sharing your first experience and maybe even win a pair of Doc’s from the Fall/Winter collection? You can do so right here.

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