Dinner: Mojito

The same year I moved to Clinton Hills was the same year I turned 16 and on my 16th birthday, I remember eating at Mojito, a Cuban restaurant not too far from my house. I was so happy to have a spot so close to where I lived that was sooooooo good! Somewhere around 2007, they changed management (or ownership, or got a new chef) and the food and service became… deplorable (sounds strong, right?). It was sad to say bye but I did. Until about two weeks ago.


LivingSocial.com had a deal for Mojito; spend $20 on a voucher and get $40 worth of food. Well, after the Fort Greene Festival on Saturday, I put that voucher to use and had dinner with some friends.

82 Washington Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

For more on what we all ordered, look below…

(Above) Chuletas – fried garlic marinated pork chops, with sauteed onions & peppers, served with moros & cristianos

I haven’t eaten pork in about 2 years but once I looked at the menu, I knew I had to have the chuletas. I kept thinking about how good they’d been the first time I had them and so, I went for them. And I’m glad I did. I joked that I was going to have heart burn because of how fast I was eating.

Ropa Vieja – shredded braised short ribs, sauteed onions & bell peppers, served with saffron rice

Churraise – skirt steak grilled with chimichurri, served with moros & cristianos

Everyone said their food was really good. If you’re looking for another recommendation, I have to throw in their Cuban Quesadilla. I’ve mimicked the recipe a few times for friends and family and they all said my version was really good. It’s a quesadilla filled with shredded beef, mozzarella cheese, monterey jack cheese (I think), peppers, onions, and plantains! Trust me, you’ll enjoy it.

The only difference between my first time eating at Mojito’s and the last time was that the beans are served family style. Instead of getting them on your plate, they’re served in a dish to the whole table and that’s refilled as needed. I must also warn you, the guys at the table who ordered drinks all said that they were sub-par. Stick to soda or the city champagne (as I did).

Happy eating!

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