Campaign Flubs

I may have mentioned either here or on my twitter page that I moved back to Clinton Hill at the close of 2010. Since my original move in ’04, I’ve grown very attached to my neighborhood and so, like my old neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, I know it like the back of my hand.


This is why when I noticed the Bike Month ads on the train I was happy to see the one above. MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I squealed to myself when I saw it. And then…


I saw this one. That’s not Williamsburg! FRAUD! I thought to myself. This is also a photo of Fort Greene(-Clinton Hills). It’s actully the same exact block pictured in the first photo but taken from a different angle.

Why not just photograph the places that are actually named in each ad? Things like that bother me just as much as TV shows that depict gritty NY streets but are really shot in California (i.e., Friends, Seinfeld, Criminal Minds, etc.)

To see another Brooklyn campaign flub, look below…

Since when does the M15 run on Livingston?


Did any of you peep the backside of Fulton Mall’s Macy’s?


Why not just photograph a Manhattan bus from a Select Bus Service Lane in Manhtattan?

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