Barclay’s is Hiring

I’m no longer excited about the stupid Barclay stadium. I’m an… “old Brooklyn” girl and have been driving for the past couple of weeks so all of the annoying, new traffic changes have been such a nuisance. That, combined with what I know of Bruce Ratner, how bad the Nets actually play, and all of the other changes that are happening have killed my enthusiasm for what may be my neighborhoods biggest headache.

It’s nice to know that something good may come of it though. Prospect Heights’ page annouced today that the Barclay Center has opened up a new site for people to register for jobs at the center. Brooklyn’s NYCHA (public housing) residents and residents of certain community boards will have first priority over other applicatns.

For more info, visit If you don’t need the information, still, pass it on. Someone will.

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