all of you who….

experience sidekick withdrawl need to give up ur sk or pda rigt now!

While vacationing in Trinidad last week, I was with 2 of my close friends all the time so we HAD to talk to each other. None of us could get service on our cell phones and neither of them could use their sidekicks. One friend went into what is known as “Sidekick Withdrawal.” Definitely not cool. Believe it or not, she began twitching and scratching her neck in the same fashion as a coke fiend would.

A while back, Nesha did a post about how one of her friends refused to put down her sk even as the dentist was working on her. Here’s a snippet from her blog.

Luv Lern Bank: Yea man im in the chair getting wrked on
Luv Lern Bank: Im still on my sk
Luv Lern Bank: Im addicted
———————– 5:43 pm ———————–
NESHA: Lol woooow
NESHA: That’s VERY wild

Not a good look at all. In order to keep her anonymity, I didn’t get her face in this shot (even though you can figure out who it was because I only went with 2 of my friends).

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