5411’s, Back Again

Remember the #throwbackthursday photo I posted on Instagram with my mom and the necklace I made for her in pre-school (which she still has)? She’s been keeping that necklace in a Reebok Freestyle a.k.a. “5411” box since the early 90s. I remember my mom wearing 5411’s when I was young and wanting a pair so bad. I finally talked her into buying me a pair in 2007 (late, I know) when Reebok celebrated the Freestyle’s 25th Anniversary. I scratched them about 4 wears later at a ’92 party and haven’t worn them since.

Assata R.

Thanks to Erika P. of Reed Space, I got a new pair!!


I posted the pic above on Instagram with the comment “5411, size 7 in girls…” so it’s only right that I post this vid, too.

How It’s Goin’ Down – DMX

Ohhhh… what a simpler time it was when acrylic was in and capris were cool. For another Reebok drop in an old song, look below…

Girls, Girls, Girls – Jay-Z

For my “The Game” fans, was that Eggs with the “J’Adore” tee?

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