$1 Fitness Classes

Yes! You read correctly. Triomph Fitness in Brooklyn has another daily deal offer up on LivingSocial.com. Pay $20 and you get to attend 20 of their fitness classes.

I bought this exact same deal in November and have been going (almost) religiously, every Saturday for the last 4 months. My goal has never been to lose weight but rather to tone up, which I think I’m successfully doing. You guys can be the judge when you see me out and about this Summer.

I’ve never been so motivated to go to a gym before and I’m sure Jack, my ABStract and Butt, Gut, Tris, and Thighs instructor, is responsible. Aside from the regular schedule of classes, Triomph sometimes overs free classes (ones you don’t need to use your voucher credites for).

To purchase this deal, or one of the others that includes personal training sessions, click here. Move swiftly; you only have 2 days to snatch this deal up.

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